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For Undierlige Mursten 6-38-411, BRWY+.j


My large ceramic sculptures are composed of separate and interchangeable parts. I have hand-built more than 6,000 individual parts that can be used in a composition. Each sculpture employs peg-in-hole insertion into a cylindrical ceramic core.


The finished sculptures are strange and unwieldy inventions that attract attention, in part, through their resemblance to known things—biological structures, overlarge toys, or three-dimensional doodles. I hope that viewers will also connect the discernible procedures of the works’ fabrication to other foundational and creative schemes. This might include the way that atoms and molecules bond to form the building blocks of the physical universe; or, the way that language is created through the organization of discrete phonemes into meaningful systems of syllables, words, and sentences. A third connection suggests the process of a thrown ceramic vessel, including its reliance on center, rotation and spinning force.

The scale of these pieces can reach up to 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide. They are made entirely of ceramics. Many of the sculptures are made on rocking bases, which allow them to tilt and rock when pushed.

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